Loving on my Canaries (Fall 2013)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Dream Come True

It has finally happened. After over 4 years of travelling to Guatemala with Orphan's Heart and having spent a total of 20 weeks there, God has provided a path for me to work in Guatemala as a long term missionary!!! I am excited beyond words and so extremely thankful for this opportunity! The timing could not be more perfect and I just know in my heart that this is God's will for me! I feel like my dreams are finally coming to reality :)

Okay, so here's the scoop. I have been asked to be an assistant English teacher to elementary students at a school outside of Antigua!! This is through an organization called Niños de Guatemala, an organization I am somewhat familiar with because a friend of mine is one of their English teachers in Antigua as well. I am aiming to leave August 17th and stay through December. I would be working with one of the English teachers with pre-k through 3rd grade students and helping to further develop the school's English program. I can't wait to get started!

As this is a volunteer position, I am responsible for all of my own living expenses. For the 5 months that I would be there, the total cost (including airfare back and forth) is approximately $5500 and I have only 4 weeks to raise it-which amounts to $1250 a week. I know it seems like a mountain to try to raise that much money in such a short time, but moving mountains is kinda God's thing - if I just have faith and trust in God, I know He can make it happen!

It's going to take a lot of faith and prayer to raise this amount of money in this short time, so I would like to ask you all to pray with me. Please pray that God will provide the way for me to get to Guatemala. Pray that He will use me to be His hands and feet to the kids, as well as to the staff I'll be working with. Pray that everything will fall into place exactly according to His plan and that He will guide me to where He wants me to be every step of the way.

Please pray about donating to support me in this amazing opportunity. If you are able to donate, even the smallest amount, it would be so much appreciated more than you will ever know!! You can keep up with my fundraising progress right here on my blog.

Here are several ways to donate:

1- Donate via PayPal using the Guatemala Fund Donation link here on my blog.

2- Donate at

3- Donate directly to me in person or via snail mail (message me on Facebook for my address).

I am so glad that God has provided me with such an amazing support system of family and friends! I love you all!! Thank you so much for all of your love and support!! I'll keep you updated here!

Love Always,