Loving on my Canaries (Fall 2013)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day One...

So, I've been in Guatemala for about 34 hours now...and every one of them has been awesome (with the exception of the time spent riding in the van...not so awesome). I've been reunited with some friends and some of the children (Maria Elena even remembered me!!) and I've met MANY new kids here at the center! I'm still working on all of their names...but I'll have them down soon! My goal is to learn all of the Canaries' and Dolphins' names by Wednesday and all of the rest of the kids' names by the end of the week! I know many of them already, so I think I can do it.

When we arrived at the center yesterday we spent a little time with the Ducks and Squirrels before they had dinner, just introducing ourselves and playing with them for a few minutes. Today was family visitation day so we got to see many children spending time with their parents/siblings/grandparents/etc. It is always such a sweet thing to see the kids with their families! While the parents were visiting, we spent time with some of the Bunnies and Chicks whose parents weren't able to visit today. I played with the Bunnies for a few minutes before spending quite a while with the Chicks.

Four of the kids who were in the Chicks with me today had been Canaries when I was an intern last summer...Mayra, Adalin, Ovidio, and Santos (there are a few others in the Bunnies and Chicks that I know from the Canaries, but they were with their parents this morning). It was so great to spend a little time with them and see how much they've grown! They are all so big now and so smart! Adalin loves to read and would tell me what color everything in the book was. Mayra is still as sweet as ever and constantly gave me hugs and kisses! Santos was enjoying riding around on the little tricycle and racing as fast as he could across the play area. And Ovidio was repeating everything I said and is, of course, still such a ham! I am going to miss having them in the Canaries with me, but I am so glad they are all doing so well! Here are a few pictures...





Tomorrow starts our first full day of working in our "rooms" so I will be spending the entire day with my precious Canaries and Dolphins! I can't wait to get to know them all!! More pictures to come soon.

Love Always,

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